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These diverse datasets will also make it easier for researchers to spot hidden biases in the data or in algorithms. Studies have shown that some AI models are more accurate for certain population groups than others, mainly because they were trained on data from patients at one location. Having datasets from many different communities will make it easier for researchers to detect those issues.

aimi make

Since AiMi is making music in real-time, any environmental parameter could be used to adjust the compositions. Imagine, for example, having AiMi adjust the music energy to keep the volume level in restaurant low (or high) or having AiMi train itself to make music that drives higher sales per hour in a department store.

I think partly due to the pandemic and partly due to the fact that the music industry has been largely stagnant in terms of innovation, we are being received much better than we could have hoped for. We encourage any artists who would be interested in working with us to reach out to us at

Making referrals for your patients for diagnostic imaging services not only takes potential revenue away from your practice, but it creates another step for the patients. Introducing diagnostic imaging via a mobile or fixed model is an ideal way to get the most advanced imaging technology in a way that makes sense for your budget and practice goals.

Aimi was born to unnamed mother and unnamed father in the Kyoraku Family. Her grandfather Shunshi Kyoraku and his friend Jushiro Ukitake were there to witness her born as her parents pick Ukitake to be her godfather. Ukitake thought first stun by this, accepting it. Later when she was six both of her parents died when they fought a Arrancar this left Shunshi to take care of her and rise her where she pick up some her grandfather habits. Thought when she came of age and before entering Shino Academy, Shunshi train her train and even Jushiro Ukitake help in training her after learning the basic she then enter the academy and complete in a year where few have ever done. Then join Gotei 13 as a seated officer in 8th Division which make her grandfather happy since the same squad he use to captain. Over the years she arose to the 6th seat after that she was sent to Human World where meet Ryushi Satoya a human who gain power of shinigami after helping her defeat the hollows they introduce themselves where Ryushi called her Amy which made her blush and she likes to called now decide to stay with him. Later she and Ryushi meet small girl named Miki after Ryushi save and offer Miki to stay with them which Miki agrees.

The primary advantage was that the radiologists always make a detailed report of the characteristics of the X-ray or any other medical image. If they add the report to the training data of the Stable Diffusion model, it can learn to produce synthetic medical images when those keywords described by radiologists are used. For the training and testing datasets, two popularly known medical datasets, CheXpert, which contains 224,316 chest radiographs, and MIMIC-CXR, which contains 377,110 images, were used. 041b061a72


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