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[S7E21] Sisterly Love

Worf says that Alexander has already changed history by coming back in time, and that things may not at all happen the way he fears. Worf explains that he must die with honor, and he cannot do that unless his son is true to himself and his beliefs. This means that Alexander must return to the future and continue to work for peace. Even a Klingon can see that peace is a worthy and just cause, and Worf believes Alexander has a noble future ahead of him. K'mtar says that he has failed, because the boy he was remains the same. Worf says that Alexander is the same, but Worf has changed, and now he understands that Alexander will have a noble future even if he is not a warrior. K'mtar embraces him and says, "I love you, father." Worf replies, "And I you, Alexander."

[S7E21] Sisterly Love

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In Parental Glideance, Thunderlane appears in Rainbow Dash's flashback as a colt, and he appears in the academy locker rooms in a full Wonderbolt uniform.In Marks and Recreation, Thunderlane encourages his younger brother Rumble to attend the Cutie Mark Crusaders' day camp. He also helps the Crusaders teach Rumble that a cutie mark doesn't limit a pony to one particular talent or interest by showing him that he loves cooking even though he is now a Wonderbolt.

The montage shows Burke being arrested, Cole waxing his beloved Mustang and still living in the past, and Suzie seeing a vision of Felicia while picking up her daughter, Tess, from school. Jeffries gets revenge on Vera by finding his high school prom photos. Lily goes to the hotel where Chris has been staying and to her worry, discovers the room ransacked and Chris missing.

In 2018, one year after the events of "Farewell, My Lovely", Ezra and Aria are discussing their book and its soon-to-be film adaptation in the Warner Bros. Television backlot. Now famous due to their book's worldwide success, they kiss and are photographed by a bunch of fans in a cart (staff writers of PLL in a group cameo). The scene then jumps to the DiLaurentis house, where Emily and her high school sweetheart Alison are living a family life, taking care of the recently born Lily and Grace. Alison tells Emily she is going to a meeting, but instead she goes to the Radley to talk with Emily's mother, Pam, about their relationship and how both Alison and Pam are happy about it. Spencer and Melissa have a sisterly moment together as Spencer sees Toby approaching her pickup truck which used to be Toby's pickup. They talk about his return to Rosewood after he left to travel around countries with Spencer and Alison's half-brother Jason. At the school, Alison discusses with Addison, who jokes about Alison's friend Aria. While leaving the room, Addison is pressed down by Alison, who threatens her. After, Alison observes Addison's clique while Emily approaches and the two ask student Claire if Addison was bullying her, which she denies. Jenna then approaches Addison, who jokes about her blindness, and Jenna argues with her, saying she can smell a bitch a mile away. Addison's clique leaves and Jenna passes by Alison and Emily, who smile to her in joy. After Mona was released from the psychiatric hospital, she is accepted by Hanna in her loft, which jeopardizes Hanna's relationship with Caleb, who thinks Hanna has done enough for Mona. Hanna and Caleb leave Mona in the apartment to go to a surprise dinner planned by Spencer, who remodeled the Lost Woods Resort into a modern establishment. There, they eat and have fun remembering good times in their lives. The camera soon shows someone in a black hoodie watching them. The person turns around and is revealed to be Melissa. However, she walks in the forest and it is revealed that "Melissa" is a mask, revealing the person underneath to be Mona, who is back on the A Team. The couples, meanwhile, retire to their rooms. Later, Spencer finds Aria crying in the living room, who reveals to the Liars that she is sterile. In the woods, Mona, who overheard Aria's news, starts talking with A.D. through FaceTime and tries to convince them to use the information against Aria. A.D. refuses to use the information and also refuses to divulge their identity to Mona at that time. The next morning, Hanna and Caleb arrive home and find Mona gone only to have her appear from the bathroom, claiming to have been in the shower. Meanwhile, Aria reveals her condition to Ezra.

At Mrs. Wolowitz's, Raj and Howard are hanging out. Raj suggests that he gets Cinnamon to take her pills by hiding it in her food and he can do the same for his mother. Raj wants to watch a DVD, but his mother doesn't have a great selection which includes her colonoscopy. Raj brought "House of 1000 Corpses" which Emily loves and wants to watch with him. He wants to preview it so he can act cool watching it with Emily. Howard agrees and Raj tells him that he's a good friend and he owes him one until Mrs. Wolowitz screams that she needs help out of the bathtub.

Amy is tired of listening about Sheldon obsessing about what to do after string theory. Bernadette mentions that Penny keeps complaining about how miserable she is making her movie Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill. Amy adds that that doesn't mean that they don't still love her. Penny asked Leonard if that was true about her complaining and Leonard tells her that he loves her. She tells everyone that she needs a break from them and leaves with Sheldon to go have dinner with him. They are going to spend the evening complaining to each other. Sheldon agrees, as he starts to talk again, she tells him to shut up.

Mike revealed his near-obsession with pinball. In college, he was the best, defeating virtually every opponent. Eventually, he stopped playing because he became too focused on winning and he lost his love for the game itself. Ed promised to move the machine back to his house. However, Chuck challenged Mike to a game.

Little information is revealed about Kohler's early life, other than he became a prison shuttle driver. As a result of his job, Kohler came to know Helen Garrett, who visited her husband, a notorious serial killer named Rodney Garrett, daily at Gunter State Prison. The two became acquainted and Kohler eventually fell in love with her. Coming to view Garrett as an enemy, Kohler twice arranged the shanking of Garrett to get him out of the way, but both occurrences failed when Garrett gained the upper hand and killed his assailants. Both attacks happened on the day after Garrett's scheduled executions were postponed. Learning that Helen was bald due to surgery for a brain tumor, Kohler, at this point deluded, decided to start a mission to give her "the perfect wig."

Unlike Garrett, who committed his murders over the course of two years, Kohler attacked his victims consecutively in a single day, and, for unknown reasons, around times whose numbers are divisible by six, such as 6:00, noontime, and midnight. He also picked out the locations of the victims' residences so their outline formed a heart on a map, with Helen's home located at the center of it, as it was meant for her. Also, Garrett targeted high-risk victims such as prostitutes, drug addicts, and runaways, while Kohler targeted low-risk victims. Kohler was also much more careful not to leave behind evidence, dressing up in a full-body suit with gloves. Later on in his killings, Kohler began abducting his victims and also departed from his six-hour-long cooling-off period due to the heightened alert in the community from his murders.

When he was eight years old, Teddy was molested by his father, Gregory Hensal, who manipulated him into believing that the abuse was an expression of love. Eventually, his father was arrested for his crimes after his mother (who was pregnant) caught him in the act. Afterwards, his mother changed Teddy and Jake's last name to distance them from their father.

The investigation is further complicated when Teddy's website is exposed by one of his classmates and his reputation sinks further. Teddy is reduced to fighting the classmate before he is arrested. He says that he has not done anything wrong, that he was showing his brother that he loved him, and that he is an entrepreneur who can do as he likes with his own body. Detective Stabler and Dr. George Huang believe that Teddy can still be helped, and advocate for him to be charged as a minor and get counseling. 041b061a72


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