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Watch Tere Bin Laden [Extra Quality]

Abhishek Sharma was working with Pooja Shetty Deora when he developed the idea of making a film on Osama. According to him, the idea was apparently due to a "severe" headache.[9] "I had a severe headache one day and had tied a cloth around my head, which looked like a turban. I had a lot of facial hair then. Someone commented that I looked like Osama Bin Laden. It then struck me to do a spoof on Bin Laden", he said.[10] He then did research on Osama bin Laden through internet by watching his tapes and prepared the first draft of the film, which was cleared by Pooja Shetty.[9]

Watch Tere Bin Laden

For the film's cast, Sharma didn't want any "established stars or people that are easily recognizable" as the film wouldn't have the "intended effect on audience".[11] Ali Zafar was the first one to be cast. Sharma watched his music videos and decided to give the journalist's role to him as he had the "quirkiness" and "wit" to be in a comedy film.[10] Zafar was initially cautious about the script but decided to do the film after reading the script, which he liked.[12] He prepared for the role by watching and studying reporters and learning how they function. He attended a 10-day workshop with Barry John along with other actors of the film.[13] Pradhuman Singh was selected to play as Osama bin Laden after an "innumerable auditions and a tedious process". The casting of Osama was "a challenge", according to Sharma. Sharma knew Singh since their days together at a workshop in the National School of Drama and according to him, Singh was "good at mimicry". They made a short film and a documentary together after which Sharma shifted to Mumbai.[11][14] Singh was given an Osama tape to watch, and he later learned Arabic for eight months to get the diction.[15]

The film garnered mixed to positive reviews. Nikhat Kazmi of The Times of India, while giving it a rating of 4 out of 5 noted that "compared with recent laugh riots at box office, Tere Bin Laden has both: a smart script and some smart acting."[5] Noyon Jyoti Parasara of AOL rated the film 4 out of 5 and said, "What makes 'Tere Bin Laden' mint fresh is that despite being based on the post 9/11 scenario and the Laden scare, this one is a fun ride."[21] Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave the film a rating of 3.5 out of 5 and said, "On the whole, Tere Bin Laden is a fun-ride that makes you smile constantly and even laugh outrageously in those two hours."[22] Pankaj Sabnani of Bollywood Trade News Network gave it 3.5/5 and stated "Tere Bin Laden is 'laden' with many humorous moments. It is by far the funniest film in recent times. A must watch."[23] Rediff called the film a "brilliant satire". It further said, "Tere Bin Laden is not just a film about slapstick jokes and naughty humour. Through all the gags and jokes, one is forced to accept how willingly we compromise on our ideals and values to attain our cherished goals; how we persist in giving personal gain more importance than building a cohesive society".[24] The film received international media attention too with The Guardian terming the film as a "satire with a sting" and felt that the film "required viewing by the American Government".[25]

Karan Tacker had a blast watching the movie and he shared his experience with fans on Twitter. "Tere BinLaden 2 is a laugh riot! Mazaa aagaya bhai! Film out in theatres today! Don't miss it!" he tweeted.

Smiling, are you? That, in a nutshell, is TERE BIN LADEN, a wicked comedy with an out-of-the-box concept that offers laughter unlimited. In fact, I don't think I've flexed my facial muscles in any other film in the recent past as much as I did while watching this satirical comedy. What gives TERE BIN LADEN an edge over other comedies is that it's not the slapstick humour that keeps you entertained. This one has a story to tell as well, which also delves deeply into the minds of today's youth.

Debutant director Abhishek Sharma takes an offbeat story and gives it an interesting twist. Who would've ever thought of making a film on Osama Bin Laden and that too a comedy? This guy sure has courage to swim against the tide. Besides writing a crazy film and decorating it with madcap characters, Abhishek also does justice to the subject by handling it so well. Making people laugh is a herculean task and maintaining the tempo is, perhaps, the biggest challenge. One continues to smile from Scene A to Z and in two sequences specifically, I ended up laughing hysterically. One, when Piyush Mishra falls in the drain and lands straight on the hot seat and the second, when a bomb explodes inside the studio. Outrageously funny sequences, both!

Pradhuman Singh, the much-talented chap, plays Osama's lookalike in this one, and there are lots of other new additions too to the cast. And while we're sure the trailer must have left you in splits, here are 6 reasons why this is the funniest movie you'll watch this year!

You all might remember Piyush Mishra from Gangs Of Wasseypur or as the story teller from the much recent Tamasha. But this is the first time we are going to watch him play an out an out comic character. Manish Paul, TV's favourite anchor, has a leading role in this one. And we have to give it to the guy, he always does a great job at comedy.

"I was given the task of composing, writing and singing the song; I had a lot of fun with it. It's like an interesting take on the item number concept and the trend of acquiring abs to ensure a hit song," he elaborates on the song itself.

"Tere Bin Laden and its makers are close to my heart. It was like we made history, with the first film of our careers going on to garner a cult following, coupled with it being the first venture where a Pakistani actor was cast as the protagonist, paving way for several others. When the sequel came underway, Abhishek (the director) and I were excited about it but as an actor I wanted to try something challenging, so he decided to just cast me in this interesting number!"

The film is about a news reporter from Pakistan, who dreams of going to the US. After several failed attempts to immigrate, he comes across a Osama Bin Laden look-a-like. He hatches a plan to produce a fake Bin Laden video and sell it to news channels. What follows is a funny yet witty film that deserves a watch in theater.

After watching the darkly wry Peepli Live, I suppose I expected similar bleakness from Tere Bin Laden. The film's opening scenes - in which Ali, on a flight to America just days after 9/11, is presumed to be a terrorist and arrested - made me squirm, wondering if I was in for a (not at all undeserved) scathing comic attack on my country's attitude toward brown people. In the terrific song that plays over the opening credits, "Ullu da pattha," Ali is booked and interrograted. He stands in a line-up bearing a sign reading "South Asian" - along with a black man whose sign reads "African," a Latin man whose sign reads "Mexican," and a white man whose sign reads "Peter." This commentary on the way white America treats its own versus how it treats perceived outsiders is certainly both astute and cleverly rendered. But it also hit a little too close to home, and I feared the film would be difficult for me to watch. Lucky for me, these opening scenes do not set the tone, nor reflect dreamy, idealistic message of the rest of the movie.

The other characters in the gang add color and depth, resulting in a movie that is smart, light-hearted, and simply great fun. At just a little over 90 minutes running time, it's easy to squeeze in as an apertif or a late-night snack - I've already watched it twice, and it's an instant favorite.

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