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Edward Koshelev
Edward Koshelev

Reaction Mechanism In Organic Chemistry By Mukul C Ray Pdf 41 _VERIFIED_

Frazier et al. reported an excellent diastereoselective annulation reaction of α-aminooxy-carbonyl compound 101 with diphenylvinylsulfonium triflate 1 in the presence of organic base (DBU) to furnish a highly substituted epoxy-oxazine 102 as a single diastereomer in good yield (Scheme 33) [54].

Reaction Mechanism In Organic Chemistry By Mukul C Ray Pdf 41

Recently, research on QD solids has attracted interest because one cannot use the as-prepared colloidal QDs for applications requiring electrical transport properties due to the poor inter-dot charge transport mechanism. By interconnecting the QDs together, one can prepare a solid system with the desired absorption and emission properties. It is even possible to prepare an alternative material to silicon by this method. However, the preparation of such QD solid structures is a challenging process and, to the best of our knowledge, only a few reports are available on the successful preparation of QD solid systems, mostly involving inorganic systems such as PbS, CdSe and PbSe31,32,33,34. As far as such QD solid preparation is concerned, different shaped/faceted nanocrystals made up of heavier elements were interconnected with lighter organic/inorganic groups by slow evaporation and ligand exchange processes35. Such inorganic QD solid systems are weakly coupled and sensitive to external parameters such as temperature, thus limiting the effective utilization of the QD solid systems. The strong coupling between QDs is required for the effective usage of QD solid systems in a wide range of applications such as terahertz lasing and quantum computing35, 36. In the present work, we have successfully prepared GQD solid sheet structures of a single-crystalline nature by interconnecting GQDs with metal atoms. Since the basic building block (GQD) is made up of a light element and is of planar dimensions, it was possible to interconnect them through heavier metal atoms, and thus a stronger coupling is established between the GQDs. Oxygen has also played an important role in the interconnection process. The isolated sp2 domains were created in the interconnection process, which in turn helped to retain the quantum behaviour of the individual dots in the solid sheet. As a consequence, a new material system of graphene with a band gap was made possible. In this present paper, we discuss these results in detail. 350c69d7ab


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