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Top Things To Buy In Chile


Haha I wish! I was always down in Chile for a couple weeks at at time to visit my then-boyfriend, so I would just pack things in my suitcase and fly home. But I admit, I have backpacked with pottery- my obsession knows few bounds.

Chile is also blessed with an abundance of superb national parks and conservation areas, many of them popular destinations for those into trekking and hiking, as well as those who enjoy adventurous things to do such as climbing, river rafting, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Santiago is not only the financial and business capital of Chile, it also serves as the country's cultural and entertainment center. Consequently, it's home to endless fun things to do, including visiting its best museums and galleries, along with excellent shopping, dining, and hotel options.

Chile's third largest city, Valparaíso, is nestled between the sea and the coastal mountain range about 112 kilometers northwest of Santiago and makes for an excellent day trip. As popular for its many old cobbled streets and unique architecture as it is for its lovely harbor and beaches, the city offers a great deal of fun things to do.

From Santiago's rich cultural scenes and Valparaíso's fascinating art to overwhelming wilderness in Patagonia and imposing natural monuments like Los Pingüinos Natural Monument, the number and variety of things to do in Chile are good reasons to add this beautiful country to your travel agenda.

Whether you choose to explore the Chilean beauties by yourself, or you are interested in joining some of the many available tours in Chile, there is something for everyone. Check out these top 15 things to do in Chile, and choose what is best suited for you.

Valparaíso is one of the street art capitals of South America so, whether you are an art enthusiast, or just interested in the Chilean cultural background, visiting Valparaíso should be on your list of things to do in Chile. You can visit this charming port town all year round. Start a journey from Santiago to Valparaiso and have an enhanced street art experience, or join one of the available tours!

Find out some more conquerable Chilean volcanoes in our Ten Volcanoes to Climb in Chile. And if climbing them doesn't interest you, why not visit Chile's Lake District and gaze at the many snowy volcanoes amongst other things to do in the lake region.

While Chile is widely popular for summer vacations, there are also plenty of things to do in Chile in winter. If you love winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, you want to travel to Chile during ski season. Between mid-June to mid-October, skiing in Chile is a fantastic outdoor activitiy. There are many ski resorts in the country offering visitors great conditions in order to have a fantastic ski holiday, of which Portillo and Valle Nevado are the most popular. And if you want to try something more extreme, try skiing down the Osorno Volcano.

As mentioned earlier, when you travel to Chile you have got to enjoy a diversity of things to do. If you want to indulge in water activities La Serena is the perfect place for you. A large number of beaches give you the chance to spend time swimming, surfing or windsurfing. The best period to visit this area is during summer. However, the beaches near La Serena can get really crowded, so if you want a bit of peace, check out Playa Tongoy and Playa Totoralillo.

As you can see, the various things to do in Chile can satisfy all kinds of travelers. Whether you are looking for cultural activities or culinary experiences, the country has it all. Adventure activities in Chile is another big attraction, thus ensuring that a visit to the country is an amalgam of different unforgettable experiences.

Walking around the plaza, you might find people engaged in a heated game of chess, busting a move with some group dancing, or just laughing hysterically at a clown show. Exploring the Plaza de Armas is definitely one of the most entertaining things to do in Santiago!

Climbing Santa Lucia Hill is definitely one of the best things to do in Santiago Chile. This large park is located in the city centre just a few blocks away from the Plaza de Armas and is a great place to spend an afternoon.

Without a doubt, one of the tastiest things to do in Santiago is eating seafood in Mercado Central. This bustling market has been in business since way back in 1872 and continues to be a popular place to shop and eat.

While there are plenty of excellent things to do in Santiago, you definitely need to carve out some time for day trips out to the natural wonders that surround the city. A trip to Cajon del Maipo is a great choice for spending a day out in nature.

Carreras a la chilena are held anywhere in the country where two horses can be found to race against each other. Apart from the organized events that take place at village fiestas, these races are normally a result of one huaso betting another that his horse is faster.

When traveling to Chile, we found Santiago to have the best international airport as well as many options to get to and from other cities within the country. Since we were landing here after our international flight from Houston, we decided to spend a quick 48 hours here to begin our trip. We are outlining the top 5 things to do in Santiago, Chile or Santiago de Chile as the locals say!

This area was one of my favorite things to do in Santiago, Chile. The hill was left after an old volcano several millions of years ago. Today there are beautiful gardens along walking paths in addition to an old fort.

In this complete guide, we will share everything you need to know to plan your trip to Santiago, from where it is located, why and when to visit, what currency they use, to the best things to do.

There is no shortage of options for things to do in Santiago with rain: visit and have lunch at the central market, visit a Museum: Pre Colombian Art, Interactive Mirador, Bellas Artes or National Natural History, take a guided tour at Casa de La Moneda and even a few purchases at Shopping Costanera or Mall Sport.

December, January and February are the hottest months here, which at times can be too warm to sit in the sun for long. Note that among the things to do in Santiago de Chile, there are plenty of small and friendly eateries around the plaza at Portal Fernández Concha if the hunger pangs are biting.

For a Chilean flavor with a twist, among the things to do in Santiago de Chile, you should try Sarita Colonia for a beguiling lunch or evening meal. Colors play a big role in the original preparation techniques with various influences from Asia and the Americas providing the inspiration. Seafood, including the succulent Chilean crab, gets plenty of attention on the menu. 59ce067264


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