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How To Answer Explanation Text Questions: Examples And Tips

Contoh Soal Explanation Text Dan Jawaban: How to Answer Explanation Text Questions

Explanation text is a type of text that explains how or why something happens or works. It usually has a general statement that introduces the topic, a series of paragraphs that describe the process or phenomenon, and a conclusion that summarizes the main points or gives a recommendation. Explanation text is often used in science, technology, social studies, and other subjects that require factual information.

How to Answer Explanation Text Questions: Examples and Tips

When you encounter explanation text questions, you need to understand the purpose, structure, and language features of the text. Here are some tips on how to answer explanation text questions:

  • Read the text carefully and identify the main idea of each paragraph. The main idea is usually stated in the first or last sentence of the paragraph.

  • Look for key words or phrases that indicate the cause and effect relationship, such as because, as a result, therefore, thus, etc.

  • Pay attention to the use of passive voice, technical terms, definitions, examples, and diagrams that support the explanation.

  • Answer the questions based on the information given in the text. Do not add your own opinion or assumption.

  • Use your own words to paraphrase or summarize the answer. Do not copy the exact words from the text unless it is a quotation.

To help you practice, here are some examples of explanation text questions and answers based on a text about recycling:


Recycling is a collection, processing, and reuse of materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Materials ranging from precious metals to broken glass, from old newspapers to plastic spoons, can be recycled. The recycling process reclaims the original material and uses it in new products.

In general, recycling involves three steps. First, the recyclable materials are collected and sorted by type, such as paper, plastic, metal, or glass. Second, the sorted materials are processed into new raw materials. For example, paper is shredded and mixed with water to create pulp; plastic is melted and molded into pellets; metal is melted and cast into ingots; glass is crushed and melted into liquid. Third, the new raw materials are used to manufacture new products that can be sold in the market.

Recycling has many benefits for the environment and the economy. Recycling reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfills or incinerators, which can pollute the air, water, and soil. Recycling also saves natural resources and energy that are needed to extract and process new materials. Recycling creates jobs and income for people who collect, sort, process, and sell recycled materials. Recycling also encourages innovation and creativity in designing new products that use recycled materials.


  • What is the purpose of the text?

  • What are the three steps of recycling?

  • What are some examples of materials that can be recycled?

  • What are some benefits of recycling?


  • The purpose of the text is to explain how or why recycling happens or works.

  • The three steps of recycling are collection and sorting, processing into new raw materials, and manufacturing into new products.

  • Some examples of materials that can be recycled are precious metals, broken glass, old newspapers, and plastic spoons.

  • Some benefits of recycling are reducing waste and pollution, saving natural resources and energy, creating jobs and income, and encouraging innovation and creativity.

I hope this article helps you understand how to answer explanation text questions. If you want more examples of explanation text questions and answers on different topics, you can visit these websites:

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