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Guide To Play Handicap 1.5 in football betting

Football, the king of sports, is beloved by many betting enthusiasts, not only in Vietnam but also across various other countries. Among the different types of bets, the handicap 1.5 is favored by many and praised for its interesting gameplay rules. So, what exactly does the term 'handicap 1.5' mean, along with information about its rules and strategies? Let's delve into it in this article. Let's explore quality soccer tips the data with Wintips.


What does Handicap 1.5 mean? Handicap 1.5, also known as 1.5 goals handicap or 1.5 ball handicap, implies that the stronger team is handicapped by 1.5 goals against the weaker team. This means that the stronger team must win by at least 2 goals for the bet to succeed. This handicap ratio is often offered by bookmakers when there is a significant difference in form, strength, and playing conditions between the two teams.


Now that we understand what a handicap 1.5 entails, it's essential to know how to interpret it. If you want to bet on football with this handicap, you need to grasp the reading correctly. Here's how to interpret it:

If the favorite team wins by a margin of more than 2 goals, those who bet on the favorite team will win their bets, while those who bet on the underdog team will lose.

If the favorite team wins by only 1 goal, those who bet on the favorite team will lose their bets, while those who bet on the underdog team will win. This is because the favorite team is handicapped by 1.5 goals.

If the underdog team wins or the match ends in a draw, those who bet on the underdog team will win their bets, while those who bet on the favorite team will lose.

Understanding the dynamics of Handicap 1.5 betting can significantly improve your chances of success in football betting. Make sure to analyze the teams' forms, strengths, and other relevant factors before placing your bets."

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Many of you may already know what the Handicap 1.5 bet entails. To effectively play with a Handicap 1.5 and secure more wins, consider the following strategies:


Analyze the last 3-5 matches of both teams. If the favored team has won with a margin of no more than 2 goals per match, consider betting on the underdog.

Assess the lineup; in friendly or crucial matches, there tend to be fewer goals. Therefore, betting on the underdog is advisable.

Consider the strength of the favored team; if they are using substitute players to rest key ones or due to a congested schedule, the underdog becomes a favorable choice.

Evaluate the defensive strength of both teams and the number of goals scored by the underdog in the last 5 matches. If they concede fewer than 1 goal per match, have a quality goalkeeper, solid defense, and a lineup with 4-5 defenders, then betting on the underdog is wise.


When the favored team has a good goal-scoring record, having scored at least 2 goals in 4-5 recent matches.

When the favored team has a stable attack and defense, conceding less than 0.75 goals per match.

Depending on the favored team's tactical approach, if they lean towards an attacking style with proficient goal scorers.

In important matches where scoring many goals benefits their advancement to the next round, the favored team usually plays aggressively. Hence, betting on them is sensible.

Refer to the odds table; if the odds for the favored team decrease significantly by 0.25 before the match, consider betting on them.


Choose the precise moment to place your bet. Betting on Handicap 1.5 requires careful timing, ideally within the first 15-20 minutes of the match when the odds are most stable and accurate.

Consider the actual circumstances of each match. Gather all relevant information regarding the playing field, team lineups, weather conditions, etc., to make informed decisions.

Avoid wagering all your capital. Although Handicap 1.5 bets offer enticing rewards, they may be bait from the bookmakers. Therefore, carefully assess the situation and bet accordingly.

The information football tips app on Handicap 1.5 betting has been clarified in the above content. It's an engaging betting option widely used in football betting. Don't miss out on our interesting insights to enhance your chances of winning!"


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