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Edward Ivanov
Edward Ivanov

Jordan 500 Walkthrough

Jordan Cooper (Blenderhd) is here to give you an in-depth walkthrough of the new Contests Dashboard in "ResultsDB":/resultsdb powered by "FantasyLabs": ! Using our tool, you can examine ownership exposures, stack exposures, sweat live PGA scoring, and more! Read More

jordan 500 walkthrough

Download Zip:

Dean Shavelson is joined by Justin Van Zuiden, David Kaplen, and Derek Farnsworth for a Q&A walkthrough for everything DFS! Throw your questions in the chat and we'll be sure to touch on them as we go through some of the questions that have been submitted by users! Whether you are curious about specific GPP/Cash game strategy, you have a question about an RG tool, or you're just looking for a definition, we're here to help! Read More


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