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Guide To Play Penalty Over/Under Bet For Newplayer

In addition to common types of bets such as Asian handicap, European handicap, and over/under, many bookmakers now offer easier and more predictable side bets. The most popular side bet is the penalty over/under. So, what is the penalty over/under bet? How do you calculate the penalty over/under odds? Let's refer to the following article by Wintips for more vip betting tips today

What is Penalty Over/Under Bet?

Before understanding how to calculate the penalty over/under odds, it's essential to comprehend this type of bet.

The penalty over/under is a form of prediction based on the shootout score of 11 meters between two teams in a match.

If the match goes through the full 90 minutes and 2 extra time halves without a clear winner, the penalty bet comes into play.

In this bet, the bookmaker will provide specific numbers. Therefore, you need to know how to calculate the penalty over/under odds to analyze and predict accurately, enabling you to choose the most precise betting amount. Choose 'over' if you believe the penalty score will be higher than what the bookmaker predicts. Conversely, if you choose 'under,' it means the number of goals set by the bookmaker must be lower than the actual penalty goals.

Calculating Penalty Over/Under Odds

Apart from understanding what the penalty over/under bet entails, players should also know how to calculate these odds. Shootout series have handicapped rates and over/under odds. The handicap bet is based on the shootout with both teams having equal chances, and the stronger team will have slightly lower odds. In the over/under bet, it might be 7 goals scored out of a total of 10 shots in the 11-meter shootout.

Players must select a winning team and the over/under result. In reality, both teams have 10 attempts, so the match ends if there's a 2-goal difference in the penalty shootout. If the player bets correctly, they win.

In this bet, both teams undergo the 11-meter shootout to determine the winner, and players place their bets based on this outcome.

Usually, each team has 5 attempts. If both teams are still tied after these 5 attempts, the match continues until one team succeeds and the other fails in the same attempt. Then, the shootout ends.

Example of Calculating Penalty Over/Under Odds: In the final match between England and Germany, after both main halves ended in a 1-1 draw and 30 minutes of extra time, the referee organized a penalty shootout to decide the winner. Here, the bookmaker sets the over/under at 7.5. Betting above 7.5 is called 'over', and betting under 7.5 is called 'under'.

The score in the penalty shootout determines the betting outcome for the 11-meter shootout. Placing an accurate penalty over/under bet isn't simple, especially if both teams have similar strengths and performance, where the result often relies on luck.

The number of people betting on penalty over/under bets is usually high, but not everyone wins these bets. In penalty bets, there are various odds available. Below are some of the most common 11-meter shootout bets:

Betting on the penalty shootout score of 11 meters.

Betting on the team taking the final penalty.

Betting on the winning penalty shootout team.

Betting on the successful 11-meter shootout attempts by both teams.

Over/under bet on the total number of goals scored in the 11-meter penalty shootout.

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Tips for Analyzing Over/Under Penalty Bets

The over/under penalty bet is a game of chance, but that doesn't mean players don't have the opportunity to develop strategies that can improve their winning odds. Here are some experiences from experts on winning in over/under penalty bets. You should remember these alongside understanding how to calculate over/under penalty bets.

Analyze both teams' abilities

Regardless of the bet you choose, analyzing the form of both teams always plays a crucial role. Over/under penalty bets require players to pay attention to the skills and techniques of penalty shootout from the 11-meter mark. Research thoroughly before the match takes place.

After analysis, you'll know which players are mentally stable and have better penalty-kicking skills based on their previous participation schedules. After compiling this information, players will know which team to bet on to have the highest chance of winning.

In reality, in major football matches, teams like Germany, Portugal, and Italy often decide the outcome in penalty shootouts. Players can rely on this information when making their bets.

Place bets after the first penalty kicks

If players have a good understanding of over/under penalty bets and information from betting tips 1x2 app about the competing teams, it's advisable to wait until the first round of penalty kicks before placing bets. Successful kicks significantly impact the players' psyche on the field. The mentality of smaller teams is often not as stable as that of more experienced larger teams with 11-meter shootout experience.

Focus on the goalkeepers

Goalkeeper saves are also a crucial deciding factor. In today's football, most goalkeepers are talented and in good form. However, there are still goalkeepers with rich experience and better saves.

Therefore, advice for players is to pay attention to the main goalkeepers of both teams before engaging in over/under penalty bets. If they are well-known goalkeepers with a high likelihood of successful saves, then the match result might favor the under.

Pay attention when analyzing penalty bets

Apart from calculating over/under penalty bets and the aforementioned tips, players also need to pay attention to the following:

Analyze recent history and form of both teams.

Thoroughly understand the style and habits of each penalty-kicking player. Based on current form and penalty-saving history of the goalkeepers in the team, we can make reasonable predictions as the main goalkeeper isn't always chosen to save penalties.

Choose odds that have a higher chance of winning, such as betting on the team taking the final penalty, the team winning overall, etc. Although the odds might be lower, players have a higher chance of winning compared to other bet types.

Thus, Wintips has fully addressed what over/under penalty bets are and how to calculate them for newcomers. Hopefully, this article will help you make the wisest and most accurate decisions and strategies. Good luck to you all.


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