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Mature Teacher Sexy ((BETTER))

"Maybe Mr. Smith would like to tell us what he thinks." I was suddenly jolted back to reality by the voice of my teacher. Realising I had been daydreaming again she'd spotted me and brought it to the attention of everyone else in the lecture hall, much to my reddening embarrassment.

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  • Classic: Book would make my English teacher proud.

  • Contemporary: My English teacher is frowning. "Yunno" is not a word!

  • Snarky: Teacher is sending this clown to the principal's office.

  • Dark: Teacher is on her knees with a rosary clasped between her palms.

  • Spotless and perfect, Prince Charming: Take him home to meet the entire family.

  • Slightly damaged goods but solid hero material, nonetheless: We'll take him home to meet Mom.

  • Got serious issues but still sexy as hell: Maybe date him for a year and see what happens.

  • Dark and brooding; not sure he'll ever come around: Keep away from mother, small animals, and sexy best friend.

  • Unsalvageable: But sexier than sin, and we're gonna try to save him anyway. Just for fun.

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