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Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson

Serious Sam The First Encounter Mods Fix

this will be serious sam like mod with a bunch of monsters and weapons in plats way of making mods there will be random monsters and random weapons this can be played on gzdoom and zdoom and zandronum not too sure about zdoom but gzdoom and zandronum should work fine this will be a 30 or 32 map campaign and might be some bonus maps too 7 total maps in the bonus you might be wondering will there be any serious sam monsters tho, i could add them but it may take me alot of time due to the only ones made are in serious sam the retro encounter and simple encounter mods so yeah that may not happen and you also might be wondering will there be a link yep but i would have to post it here or make a new thread about this so thats all for now more info in the future.

Serious Sam The First Encounter Mods


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