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Mass Effect Pc Trainers

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Mass Effect Pc Trainers

by contrast, the tdd approach to ann training can be characterised by its simplicity, ease of implementation and relative efficiency. in the tdd approach, all the data needed for parameter identification is provided in the form of an ann. the problem of finding the best combination of parameters is then converted into a problem of local optimisation, which can be readily carried out on any standard desktop pc. the performance of tdd anns is limited only by the constraints of available memory and computing power. the training requirements for tdd anns are modest, and the ability of tdd anns to model non-linearities is advantageous for fitting the parameters of complex structures. the factor most likely to hinder the application of tdd anns to the parameter identification problem is the effect of the weight constants and the optimised ann structure in transforming the parameter space for the identification problem 10, 22.

training an ann is a complicated process. to begin with, an appropriate algorithm (training and inference routine) needs to be chosen, followed by the selection of an appropriate network topology. the algorithm and network topology selection process can be conceptualised as the problem of network parameter selection 18, 24. training an ann involves many parameters, some of which are user-defined and others are not. many of the user-defined parameters are the attributes of the learning algorithm and network topology. the user-defined parameters also include the number of training epochs, the number of training cycles per epoch, the total number of training cycles, the number of hidden layers and the number of neurons per hidden layer. while these parameters can be adjusted to suit individual training situations, they are difficult to use when training more than one ann. therefore, it makes sense to create generic training protocols to maintain consistency in training situations. at the other end of the spectrum from full automated training is the user-based training, which can usually only be achieved by trial and error. there is no single correct approach to finding the optimal network parameters, and different authors have very different ideas as to what it is. the following guidelines are meant to be a starting point. as the vast majority of ann parameters are not user-defined, they tend to be less crucial than the less-tangible, less obvious aspects of training, such as the overall training schedule. hence, the training parameters that need to be decided are those that affect the overall training schedule and the resultant network structure. one such group of parameters is the learning algorithm and network topology. the learning algorithm controls the way in which the learning system processes the training data, whereas the topology controls the way in which the data is processed by the network. the most fundamental consideration in this respect is, of course, the quality of the training data and, along with it, the optimum structure of the ann in terms of its input-output mapping capabilities. a very important limitation of tdd anns is the fact that they are not able to represent feedback, or to model more complex structures 25. the effect of feedback can be one of two things. it may be that an input is always transformed into its output, and the structure of the ann is changed for this purpose. this can be called direct model. alternatively, a given input can have multiple outputs, and the combination of outputs must be accounted for in order to model the feedback effect. this can be called the indirect model. 3d9ccd7d82


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