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Delta Force Blackhawk Down V1005 Trainer Free Download 234

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down v1.5.0.5 Trainer - Free Download

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is a first-person shooter video game that simulates the United States military intervention in Somalia in the 1990s. The game was developed by NovaLogic and released in 2003 for Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The game features both single-player and multiplayer modes, with various missions based on real events from the Operation Restore Hope and Task Force Ranger campaigns.

A trainer is a software program that modifies the game's memory and allows the player to cheat or enhance their gameplay experience. A trainer can enable features such as unlimited ammo, health, saves, map reveal, fog removal, wall hack and more. Trainers are usually designed for specific versions of the game and may not work with other versions or updates.

Download Zip:

In this article, we will provide you with a link to download a free trainer for Delta Force: Black Hawk Down v1.5.0.5, which is the latest official patch for the game. This trainer was created by SunBeam, a member of Extalia GHT (Game Hackers Team), and has six features that can be activated by pressing different keys on the keyboard. The features are:

  • J - Unlimited Ammo: This feature gives you infinite ammunition for your weapons, so you never run out of bullets or grenades.

  • K - Immortal: This feature makes you invincible, so you cannot be killed or injured by enemies or explosions.

  • L - Show All Map: This feature reveals the entire map on the mini-map, so you can see where all the enemies and objectives are located.

  • U - No Fog: This feature disables the fog effect, so you can see clearly in foggy maps and snipe enemies from afar.

  • I - Wall Hack: This feature allows you to walk through walls and other solid objects, so you can access hidden areas and surprise enemies.

  • O - Infinite Saves: This feature gives you unlimited saves, so you can save your progress anytime and anywhere.

To use this trainer, you need to download it from the link below and extract it to your game folder. Then, run the trainer before or after running the game. You will see a small window with the trainer's name and features. Press the corresponding keys to activate or deactivate the features. To quit the trainer, press ALT-F4.

Please note that this trainer is only compatible with Delta Force: Black Hawk Down v1.5.0.5 and may not work with other versions or updates of the game. Also, this trainer is intended for single-player mode only and may not work or cause problems in multiplayer mode. Use this trainer at your own risk and discretion.

You can download the trainer from [here]. For more information about the trainer and its creator, you can read the text file description [here].

We hope you enjoy playing Delta Force: Black Hawk Down with this trainer and have fun!


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