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The Punisher Image

The advertisement of the 1990 tie-in video game The Punisher features images from the film.[15] Similarities between the film and the 1993 video game The Punisher include the assault on a casino by breaking through the ceiling and the female assassin.[16][17]

The Punisher image

White Americans appear to have enlisted into a death cult. If one drives around the suburbs or rural outposts removed from a major metropolitan area, it quickly becomes apparent that, in their zest and zeal for violence, countless whites have begun to brandish the Punisher skull, typically with red, white, and blue stripes, on their automobiles and clothing. T-shirts at the gym, the bumpers of minivans, with children riding as passengers, and baseball caps all display the menacing skull, proving that it has become ubiquitous in the United States. Several companies, including Thin Blue Line, have made millions selling apparel with ghoulish image.

Dolph Lundgren has revisited one of his earlier movie roles by dressing up as The Punisher for a new photo shoot. Recently, Lundgren appeared as a guest on The Launchpad Podcast, and together, they recreated the classic Amazing Spider-Man No. 129 comic cover. In the original image, a drawn Frank Castle is shown aiming a firearm, having been tasked with killing Spider-Man. The new image subs the comic Frank with Lundgren wearing the trademark skull shirt and aiming his weapon the same way, and the picture is overflowing with nostalgia. You can check out the recreation below, which was posted to The Launchpad Podcast's Instagram account.

Bernthal has made a fantastic version of Frank Castle for the MCU's version of the character, but for longtime fans, it's awesome to also see Lundgren revisiting the role. All of the actors play The Punisher have brought something unique to the table with their portrayals, and lots of respect should go to the first man to bring him to life. The new image of Dolph Lundgren as The Punisher comes from The Launchpad Podcast on Instagram.

And while Marvel could sue manufacturers who have ripped off the Punisher image and put it on items designed to appeal to extremists, there is little it can do about militia groups and others sporting officially licensed Punisher merchandise. Sports shirt maker Fred Perry found itself in a similar scenario recently when the Proud Boys adopted the company's black and yellow polo shirts as an informal uniform. Last September Fred Perry discontinued the shirts and put out a press release warning "To be absolutely clear, if you see any Proud Boys materials or products featuring our Laurel Wreath or any Black/Yellow/Yellow related items, they have absolutely nothing to do with us, and we are working with our lawyers to pursue any unlawful use of our brand."

"Social media encourages people to link ideas with images, and then make it easy for these semiotic packages to circulate," says Janet Abbate, a Virginia Tech professor and author of Inventing the Internet. As a result, she says, images "become unmoored from their original meanings." She adds, "I think the internet has made cosplay more mainstream, which may make it easier and more acceptable for people to dress up in this kind of imagery during in-person actions."

According to George Hawley, an associate professor of political science at the University of Alabama and author of multiple books about the alt-right, "right-wingers a little closer to the mainstream" like libertarians and the Three Percenters are more likely to borrow images from popular culture like the Punisher than people on what he calls the "explicitly racist right."

Different people have attached different meanings to the Punisher emblem and that process of appropriation and redefinition of pop culture images, shows no sign of stopping. NYU law professor Fromer says "I think we'll be seeing a lot more of this, given the meme culture we live in, where visual images and logos are currency. I think we'll continue seeing these being images co-opted by extremist groups as much as by the mainstream. It's quite striking right now, but I don't think this is an issue that's going away."

The artist behind this image, Bjorn Barends, is known for their hyper-realistic take on comic book characters. While the Punisher is one of their latest subjects, Frank Castle is far from their first Marvel character depicted in their uniquely breathtaking style. Barends previously created a truly astounding piece of artwork depicting the Hulk fighting Wolverine, a battle that looks as though it is happening in the real world because of their photo-real art style.

The Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (MLBPAA) was formed in 1982 in order to promote the game of baseball, raise money for charity, inspire and educate youth through positive sport images and protect the dignity of the game through former players. A non-profit organization, the MLBPAA establishes a place where a player's drive for excellence and achievement on the field can continue long after they take their last steps off the professional diamond. 041b061a72


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