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[S1E14] Brother Up __FULL__

"Brother from the Same Planet" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 4, 1993. In the episode, after Homer is late to pick him up from soccer practice, Bart turns to the program the Bigger Brothers, and is assigned a man named Tom. Out of jealousy, Homer gets himself a little brother named Pepi. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes addicted to the Corey hotline, a phone service where television fans can listen to the voice of a fictional actor based on Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.

[S1E14] Brother Up


Later on, it is Bigger Brothers Day in Marine World, where the Bigger Brothers and their boys attend to celebrate (including Homer, Tom, Bart, and Pepi). After running into Homer and learning how bad of a father he is from Bart, Tom brawls with him. The fight rages across Springfield and ends with Homer's defeat, his back draped painfully over a fire hydrant. Homer is sent to a hospital on a stretcher, with Bart blaming himself. Tom laments how he will miss being a Bigger Brother, while Pepi is sad over losing his Bigger Brother. Bart suggests Tom become Pepi's big brother; they happily agree and walk into the sunset holding hands. Homer (whose back is now fixed) and Bart reconcile, as Homer teaches Bart how to brawl due to his experience with Tom.

The scene where Homer accuses Bart of seeing his big brother is a reference to the 1966 film Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, where Richard Burton accuses Elizabeth Taylor of adultery.[2] In a made-up story Homer tells Pepi, Bart tells Homer to shut up and shoves half a grapefruit in his face, a reference to the 1931 film The Public Enemy.[5] Bart watches Tuesday Night Live, a parody of NBC's Saturday Night Live.[6] During the fight scene between Homer and Tom, the background music is a knockoff of the music used in the fight scene in The Quiet Man,[4] and the fighting pose Tom makes is a parody of the Street Fighter II introduction sequence. Skinner's disturbing monologue about his mother watching him is a parody of Norman Bates' similar dialogue from the 1960 Hitchcock film Psycho.[11]

When a vendor at the Farmer's Market (LUCY) sticks Panda with an EpiPen reviving him after an allergic reaction, Panda comes to in the arms of his dream girl. Panda tries to woo this woman of his dreams but his brothers and his own insecurities get in the way. Air Date : 21st-Sep-2015 Read More

When Grizz comes home with a live crab, he thinks it can become a pet for the brothers to share. However, after the crab pinches Ice Bear's ear and won't let go, Panda and Grizz have to get their injured brother to the hospital, and fast! Air Date : 16th-Oct-2015 Read More

Panda is an avid e-dater, and when a lovely French woman matches with him and agrees to a video chat date, Panda and his brothers engineer the situation so Panda is able to show the best side of himself on the video chat, even if that side of him is completely exaggerated. Air Date : 4th-Nov-2015 Read More

On a day out with just Ice Bear, Chloe realizes Ice Bear only runs errands for his brothers. Determined to show him a fun day in the city, Chloe promises to help Ice Bear have a good time, even if it means staying in a museum after it closes. Air Date : 6th-Nov-2015 Read More

Brock and Dr. Venture have finally managed to get home without the X-1, and Brock puts Dr. Venture to bed, telling him he needs rest. As Brock heads back into the lab, he is knocked out from behind by a mysterious assailant and chained to the roof of his beloved Charger. Meanwhile, Dr. Venture experiences his recurring nightmare about one fetus devouring another and wakes up to see a familiar looking head in a robot body. Venture initially assumes he is dreaming about his father, but the figure reveals himself as Dr. Venture's long-lost twin brother, who had been consumed in the womb forty-three years ago. The twin was finally able to escape through surgery and now intends to claim his vengeance and the Venture birthright by killing Dr. Venture. Dr. Venture quickly escapes to his panic room, but to his horror, the brother easily gains access: his brother knows everything he knows, including all of his passcodes. The robotically augmented twin pursues Venture throughout the lab, pointing out how he has made working weapons from Thaddeus' failed experiments.

Brock manages to talk H.E.L.P.eR. through the process of driving the car, to which Brock is still chained. The car, in flames by now, smashes through a lab window just in time to save Dr. Venture. The evil twin's mechanical body is destroyed, revealing that he has an infant's body. Brock, his mullet singed to a crew cut, begins to crush the tiny man underfoot; Dr. Venture stops him in the name of brotherhood. After calling a truce between them, the brother decides to call himself Jonas Venture, Jr. Dr. Orpheus arrives, announcing the boys' imprisonment.

The evidence from the Gravedigger case has gone missing. Brennan and Hodgins, who have not fully recovered from being buried alive, are suspected of taking it. On the night of a ceremony recognizing Brennan, Booth gets knocked out, tasered, pumped full of drugs, and stuffed in a toy-like yellow submarine. When he gets out of the tiny submarine, Booth finds himself face to face with someone from his military past. The team works on locating Booth and finding who is behind the kidnapping, with the help of Booth's brother Jared.

Bones calls Booth's brother Jared to help find Booth. She asks him to steal Vega's body so they can study it for evidence. Jared says he can't steal the body from the FBI. Bones tells him his brother never turned his back on him, and Jared decides to help.

Afraid that the new baby will replace her in Pa's affection, Laura refuses to pray for her little brother when he is sick. When he dies, she is overwhelmed by guilt and runs away to the mountains where she meets Jonathan. Her new friend helps deal with her feelings and makes her a special wooden cross. While she is washing at the creek, the cross falls off and floats downstream helping Pa to determine where she is.

The Angel brothers (Gideon and Levi) approach Macy and think she must be evil trying to fight them. Before she can explain, the vampire from the show pops out of the TV and runs away. The brothers flee after him.

Fed up with being neglected by Homer, Bart joins the Big Brother program posing as an orphan in order to find a better father figure. However, Homer finds out about Bart's new friend Tom and exacts his revenge by donating his time as a big brother to a real orphan named Pepi.

When they return home, Bart watches Krusty the Clown host a sketch comedy program called Tuesday Night Live (a parody of NBC's Saturday Night Live) when a television commercial for a mentor program called Bigger Brothers comes up which is for any boy who lost their father and just needs an older male influence. This gives him an idea and he goes to the Bigger Brothers Agency disguising himself with an accent as a brave young boy whose father left him six years ago. Afterwards, Bart is assigned a big brother called Tom whom Bart first meets when he comes to school to pick Bart up by letting him ride on the back of his motorcycle. Later on, Bart and Tom meet up for Tomato Day at the Springfield Stadium (the purpose of the tomatoes is revealed when a recruiter for the Springfield Communist Party is introduced on the field before the start of the game; he is pelted with tomatoes before he can begin his speech, and remarks that it is at least better than "Dart Day"). Afterwards, they go to lift weights and watch Ren and Stimpy. Eventually, Homer finds out about Bart's Bigger Brother and angrily confronts him about the issue. Homer plans to go to the Bigger Brothers Agency to get revenge by being assigned a replacement son. There, he is assigned a child named Pepi (whom he calls "Pepsi" for a brief period). Homer shows Pepi the garage door, "a wonder of modern technology" and then the two look at the stars together.

In December 1013, Anne was admiring the ring on her finger while questioning how she could live her life purely when her mother called her in to help set up for dinner. After the family said their prayers and began the meal, her younger brother questioned the need for prayer. After her father mentioned hell and the day of reckoning, she voiced her thoughts on the latter. She excused herself and went out after hearing that the day would come in 20 years.

Severide gets a warm welcome back at the station. Imagine his surprise when he finds out that the man filling in in his absence is Whaley, his ex-fiance's brother. Clearly the relationship is strained; things didn't end well with Severide and "Renee #1," and Whaley refuses to accept any apologies.

Shay and Dawson get a call for a number of fatal heroin overdoses, which Dawson's brother Antonio is leading the investigation on. Each overdose is approached as a potential homicide - some suspicious gang activity is afoot, and something isn't quite right with this heroin. Antonio's getting mixed up in some dangerous business, and Dawson's worried that he's in too deep with this case.

Dawson runs into her brother Antonio as he's leaving the hospital. He's stressing because his drug informant bolted, but there's clearly something else weighing very heavily on him. He leaves Dawson for the parking lot, but as soon as he's at his car he gets shot in a drive by! Dawson rushes to his side, cradling her wounded brother, calling out for help.

Watching the rain from her living room, Komi draws a cat on the glass door, but gets spooked by a flash of lightning, which kills the power in her house. Terrified by this experience, Komi rests on her mother's lap, until her mother says she'll examine the circuit breaker with her brother Shousuke and leaves her. At that moment, she's spoked by her phone ringing and it's Tadano who was calling to check up on her. He learned that her part of the area had a blackout and Komi reassures Tadano that she was fine. As Komi continues to talk with Tadano, her mother bashfully watches from the other room. 041b061a72


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