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Do you need to use a microscope you just read a watch? GREUBEL FORSEY'S MICRO LIGHTNING NEEDLE


Not only is it worn by ordinary people, that watch should also be worn out by Ant-Man or the citizens of Lilliput. The upper half the dial is an eccentric time and minute dial. Together with exposing the escapement tire system such as the balance controls at 9 o'clock, ladies very special device: some sort of micro lightning needle " small" second dial verticle with respect to the surface. The key position is that the brand knows An individual has bad eyesight, so they considerately attached a 23x magnification glass to the top of the crown on 9 o’clock.

The name of the watch is Foudroyante EWT (Experimental Watch Technology). " Foudroyante" refers to the turbo second hand. Usually the second give moves one distance every second and circles often the dial once per minute. Often the lightning second hand divides just one second into equal pieces. And it runs in moving seconds. Some people also get in touch with it femtosecond. Common people include 1/5 second, 1/6 second or 1/8 second. Jaeger-LeCoultre's Duometre, Habring2, Girard-Perregaux, etc . have all done the item.

The super second hand is usually equipped with a new timing function. When the right time to is started, the turbo second hand will move synchronously. Since it requires very consistent and rapid continuous busting, stability and durability are hard achieve.

For GF's Foudroyante EWT, it has the lightning second hand is made of very little components using micro-mechanical know-how. It is directly driven by escapement wheel and to our lives every 1/8 second, along with a vibration frequency of 35, 800vph. The brand says this compared with traditional lightning tiny needles, it consumes 1, 300 times less energy in addition to takes up 96% less place, making full use of the electric power and limited surface living space of mechanical watches.


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