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Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 Crack Only

the elder wand was the most powerful wand in existence. its owner could have used it to cast spells more powerful than any believed to be magically possible. [12] for example, harry potter was able to repair his regular phoenix feather wand using the elder wand in 1998, even though broken wands were held, by experts such as garrick ollivander, to be damaged beyond magical repair, and despite not having any training in wandlore. both ollivander and voldemort believed that the wand's legendary powers is the only one capable of overpowering the bond between the latter and harry, which created such an effect that harry managed to overcome voldemort's attempt to kill him. [12]

harry potter deathly hallows part 1 crack only

during the summer of 1997, voldemort held a meeting at malfoy manor with his death eaters, in which he revealed that, in order to defeat harry, he would need to borrow another person's wand because of the connection that his own wand shared with harry's. he finally settled on lucius malfoy's wand as a way of punishing the malfoy family, but that wand was destroyed by harry's during the battle of the seven potters.

another interesting usage of the elder wand occurred in 2007, when draco malfoy, under the influence of polyjuice potion, took a snap of harry potter during a quidditch match on a broomstick. as soon as the photo was taken, harry potter became the owner of the elder wand and vanished from draco's sight. he reappeared at the top of the stadium tower when draco came to the top of it.


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