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Edward Ivanov
Edward Ivanov


Changelog v1.7Fixed bug where money and/or XP were negative after a delivery by lowering variables. Now money & XP after deliveries are 10 million (above or less than).Compatible with patch 1.45.x


a) Archaeal bile salt hydrolase genes (this study) integrated in the bacterial tree of BSHs18. Archaeal genes are highlighted by the colored ring, indicating the respective taxonomic affiliation. b) Geographic distribution of methyl-compound utilization capacity by Methanomasiliicoccales representatives. The presence of mtaBC, mtmBC, mtbBC and mttBC genes needed for methanol, monomethylamine, dimethylamine and, trimethylamine utilization, respectively, as well as pylBCDE genes responsible for the biosynthesis of pyrrolysine (an aminoacid specifically present in methylamine methyltransferases) was searched in all Methanomassiliicoccales. MAGs. Methanomassiliicoccales were separated according to the geographic location (continents) of their host, and the percentage of them having the above mentioned genes is displayed. Average Methanomassiliicoccales MAGs completeness are Africa, 70.1%; Asia, 72.6%; Europe, 79.9%; Oceania, 87.2%.

In-app Video Call (New plugin in v1.7) : Enjoy the in-app video call experience for conducting meetings directly on the platform. Let users book meetings on the platform and conduct peer-to-peer or group video calls directly on the platform. No need to use any other video calling solution for conducting meetings.

Registration Bonus (New plugin in v1.7) : Give your website users a registration bonus and engage visitors to register on your website. Unlock the bonus instantly for users or ask them for certain actions like referring users or making referral purchases to unlock the bonus.

Question Bank (New plugin in v1.7) : Define different questions for a quiz and display a specific number of questions to users randomly or sorted. Conduct more accurate quizzes using this feature by presenting random questions to users.

Upcoming Courses (New plugin in v1.7) : Let your platform users know about your upcoming courses. Users can follow upcoming courses and they will get informed about the course publishing after publishing the course. Get your course early adaptors before publishing the course.

Course Waitlist (New plugin in v1.7) : Turn on the waitlist feature for your course and never miss potential students for your courses. Users can join your course waitlist when the capacity is reached or the course is in progress. Inform your waitlist users of future events.

Gift Products (New plugin in v1.7) : Allow your platform users to send courses or other materials as gifts to their friends immediately or on a specific date. The recipient will get an email for receiving the gift.

Multi-currency (New plugin in v1.7) : Sell your courses in different currencies and convert course prices according to the selected currency. Make specific payment gateways available for each currency. Expand your business worldwide. 041b061a72


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